What Is An Organizational Coach?

I was asked recently if I was a life coach, and the answer to that is that I am an organizational coach. 

So what does that mean exactly?

As an organizational coach, I help women clear space in their home so they can take up all the space in their life.  When I started my business nine years ago, I didn't understand the link between our stuff and our lives.  My philosohpy was geared more towards the organizational system. 

But I realized that organizing happens in stages and the foggiest stage is usually the decluttering process.  As we begin to sort, declutter, purge, and move things around, the energy that was stuck in those items start to come alive by way of feelings and emotions. 

Enter an organization coach.  I help women through these stages and coach them over the ways they are holding themselves back in what they want to experience in their home and in their life. 

Deep inside each of us, we yearn for a restful retreat from the world in the form of "home". 

We can never feel we are at our best when we are surrounded by stuff.  But life has a habit of stripping the feelings of worth and significance right out of our scope with its constant demands and visual reminders of our mess.  

We know we cannot be our best self when surrounded by all the stuff, but the gap of where we are and where we want to be seems so large and impossible. 

Let me help you let go of all that is holding you down and strangling the beautiful life out of you.  

I hold the space (& trash bags) open while giving your permission to dive deep and get clear on what you want to see and experience in your home and your life.  

Your home says a lot about you and I am here to listen. 

Jennifer Burnham