Why Am I Not Getting Organized?

In a recent interview, I was asked if there are types of people who gravitate towards organization or not. 

My answer was very simple. 

"We all crave order."

The most creative people in the world still crave order. We all desire the ease that order provides.

Need a paintbrush? Then you know where to retrieve it.
           Not there? Then we better run to the store to buy one. 

Organizing makes life easy.  Since life is full enough with our careers, our families, our responsibilities, all atop our goals, then of course we all crave some simpleness and efficiency. 

If we all crave order, then why is it that some people seem to have it and some of us just can't get it together. 

Another simple answer: Time

When a home is organized, then it takes little time to put it back in order after a busy week or after a vacation. Straightening up becomes a simple habit to keep the house operating at full capacity.  

Bonus tip: add in two decluttering weekends throughout the year and the home will stay organized unless there is a large influx of things that come in at once (like when someone passes away and you inherit furniture, photos, memorabilia, etc). 

However, to get to the weekly "clean up", we must first get things in order by way of decluttering and creating a flow to the home.  We must first catch up, so we can keep up.

My very first mentor, Angie Mattson, uttered those words and I have never forgotten them.   

Straightening up and cleaning the house are like sisters.  They live in the same house with the same parents and the same set of rules. Organizing is their distant second cousin. That is an entirely different family with it's own set of dynamics. 

If you treat organizing like cleaning, then you will be organizing forever. 

Organizing is a project (not a weekly task).

Simply put, organizing takes time. So where do you find this necessary time to sort, purge, and organize your home? 

You make it a priority and you schedule it in.  Our calendars and our bank accounts factually show us where our priorities lie.  

If we don't take action in the direction of the things we say we want, then how can we ever expect to achieve them.
 That statement was uttered to me by my soul coach, Kim Kuhteubl and landed like a ton of bricks. 
When tend to avoid doing the things that we don't like to do (for me that is going to the gym), and in turn we suffer through the consequences (hello jello arms)

But what if there was another way?

Instead of reading another Pinterest article on how to organize, or get in another argument with your husband about the overfull garage, what if you decided to call in backup.  An organization coach. 

I hold the space (and the trash bags) open while giving you permission to dive deep and get clear on what you want to see and experience in your home and your life.  We will work through internal distractions while simultaneously clearing up your external chaos. 

As you get rid of the excess, you put in front of you what is important by process of elimination. Some results are tangible and some are intangible, but these elements are important because they flow together. I do both of these so you don't slip back into clutter again. 

If this sounds like the type of support that you need to achieve the goals that you want, then let's chat

Jennifer Burnham