Jennifer Burnham




We all have God given talents and gifts. Mine was organization. I thrive on being organized! I even color coordinated my crayons as a child. 

I'm a small town southern gal who grew up in Dallas, NC which is located 30 miles west of Charlotte.  I spent my college years at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I received a bachelors degree in accounting and marketing, and an MBA. 



Upon graduation, I entered the "real world" and realized it was not all sunshine and rainbows. I spent several years searching for my purpose all the while missing the large blinking neon light that said "YOU LOVE TO ORGANIZE!"

In 2010, I embraced my passion and set off on this journey that led to me create a business where I help clients organize their home and their life, speak and write about organization and where I host high-end estate sales. Ready to get organized?



Client Reviews

It is hard to process everything when we are in it together. But walking away and coming home is a surreal feeling. Every time I open my garage I am blown away.
— Kara H.
Jennifer literally lifted a 10 year weight of baggage off my mind and in our house!
She set me on a course of happiness in my home that I haven’t had in a very long time.
— Holly L.
Jennifer knows how to navigate the process of eliminating stuff while tending to the feelings that come up.
Additionally, she packs more action into an hour than anyone I have ever seen.
— Christine A.