Will 2019 be your year of organization?

Dear _________,

When I ask you how your home makes you feel, you answer with: 

When we explore this further, it becomes apparent that you've tried to organize over and over again. 

You've cleaned out and purged yet somehow the stuff always returns.  

"I've taken so much to Goodwill!" you say emphatically. 

And I give you a high five for that, because when we declutter we signal to the universe that we are ready to handle more good. 

You see, the foundation of organization is simple:  a place for everything and everything in it's place.
A home runs like a well oiled machine when you can easily retrieve, and return, those items that you intend to use. 
 So where does the problem occur? 
It starts with items that cross the threshold into our home yet we don't know where it should go, so we put it on the counter. 

Other times, we know where it goes but that place is full, so we put it on the counter. 

The beginnings of a pile have started and before long the pile grows and expands.  Instead of a small pile of papers, it is a large pile of papers.  Instead of a box in the garage, it is an entire corner in the garage. 

The problem occurs at the door by way of what are we allowing in and what are we taking out, because the goal that we seek is balance.  

Before balance can be achieved, we need to catch up.  We need to put a halt on the things coming in, and we need to roll up our sleeves to get the things out that we don't use, want, or need.  

So if it's that easy Jennifer, then why can't I seem to achieve this so called balance?

Because organizing solo can knock the stuffing out of you.  Sure you've read the books, know the questions to ask, bought the containers on Amazon, yet you still find yourself in a state of overwhelm.  
 What makes organizing so hard? 
We are steering our own ship because we feel like we should be able to get this mess in order. But somewhere along the way, we've lost the map.  The sea keeps throwing us around and when we get a break in the waves long enough to see where we are, another storm comes rolling in. 

Instead of spending time justifying the mediocre, are you ready to spend that time creating the home that you deserve? 

Will 2019 be your year of simplified and organized?

Jennifer Burnham