Taking Time To Reconnect & Recharge

Taking time to recharge.png

Statistics show that employee productivity ramps up the week before going on vacation. 

One hundred percent agree!  Personally, I'm doing all I can to cross off tasks and tidy up loose ends.  

It is synonymous to hosting a party at your house.  There is no better motivator to clean the house and tackle those "honey do" items than to invite people over for a backyard BBQ. 

However, the flip side of going on vacation is returning from vacation. 


I find that while I should be relaxed & rejuvenated, I'm generally annoyed and agitated.  From washing the laundry to buying the groceries, the added layer of returning calls and emails and getting back into the general swing of things is exhausting.  And overwhelming.  

Instead of being swamped by it all and inadvertently doing nothing, let's adjust our perspective to one of gratitude.  We should give ourself grace for taking some well deserved time off.  

It was important to you that you stop, slow down, and recharge. 

You deserve a congratulations for doing so!

The hamster wheel is always turning, but we don't have to participate at breakneck speed.  The immediate urge to catch up on everything all at once is self imposed.  The "to do list" may be long and those tasks may feel like leeches sucking away all of your good vacation vibes.  

Return to your weekly schedule and boundaries and you will get back on track. 

If you are feeling weighed down, remember energy is in all areas so when you let one area get heavy, then it affects other areas. 

We often feel because of the way we act

You can regulate the action, which indirectly regulates the feeling.  

Get some space in your mind and the weight will start to lift. 

If you need help in clearing space, then let's talk

Jennifer Burnham