Later Has Arrived

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Later is today. 

Waiting is a trap because the "right time" never comes.

How many times have you said "tomorrow, I'm going to clean out the garage!" And then the alarm goes off, and you start talking yourself out of why today is in fact NOT THE DAY to clean out the garage.  

Remember, motivation is never there when you need it.  

Our minds are not wired in a way that it encourages us to do things that are uncomfortable or difficult.  Our brain's number one job is to protect us from doing anything that might hurt us.  

And it all starts with a very subtle, yet familiar, habit of hesitating. When you hesitate, you trigger your brain awake.  It thinks something is up: "DANGER, turn back!" 

You are never going to feel like doing the difficult things. If you knew how to make yourself do it, then you would have already done it.  

Give yourself permission to dive a little deeper with yourself.  

Write this question down at the top of a piece of blank paper.  Then write whatever comes to mind. 

What are you saying yes to?

Don't worry if nothing comes right away.  ALLOW it come.  Give the answer the space it needs to show up. 

How does your home make you feel? 

If you feel the urge to procrastinate, then stop and slow down that thought.  Why are you putting off answering these questions?  

Remember, an excuse is a good (sounding) justification. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself, then 

Jennifer Burnham