Photo Organization Challenge


Photos are:

  1. the thing that everyone wants organized and 

  2. the last thing I am ever hired to do.

You're 35th wedding anniversary is approaching and you decide to pull out your wedding photos and take a walk down memory lane. 

You open the closet and pull out a few albums.  While you've found most of them, you start to wonder "where are those other photos of us? I thought they were in here. Maybe they are in the other closet."

Once at the other closet, you are met with more albums and a box of full of loose photos.  Your trip down memory lane just took a detour. 

"I've got to get this organized. It is so annoying when they aren't all in one place and I can't put my hands on it easily!"

What is the point of holding on to all these photos if you aren't able to pull them out, look at them, and show them to people? 

Photos are memories frozen in time and I want to help you experience them rather than just store them.

During the 4 weeks of the challenge, I'll be sharing my top organizing strategies while walking you through my step-by-step process to organize those photos once and for all! 

It is free and it is happening October 27th to November 17th! (you can sign up anytime!)

Are you IN? If so, then click here to signup

Jennifer Burnham