What If ______

What if I need it someday?

What if my sister comes over and asks for the blanket she gave me for Christmas (4 years ago)?

What if I let these clothes go and gain my weight back?

What if? What if? What if? What if?

These two simple words choke us and we don’t even realize it.

The reasons sound really great, but they are justifications for straddling the fence of living in the present ("I'll keep it now") AND in the unseen future ("because I may need someday.").

And this way of being divides our mind. In our heart, we know we don’t use it or want it. But fear creeps in as we begin to release it.

“Psst” it whispers. “What if you need it again someday?”

So we do one of two things.

We stuff it back in the drawer waiting on the day to arrive that we will need it!

Or we let it go out of fear. When we let something go out of fear, we often times draw it back to us unconsciously. Our minds know that we are afraid to let it go, so it attracts an event to us in which we needed the thing that we just let go. It is cruel, but our mind gives you back what you feed it.

But what if we took a different approach?

What if we let it go? But this time out of love. 

What if we thank (the blanket, the pants, the _____) for it's time with us, for serving our needs while in our possession? 

What if we send it out into the world to find another owner?

Things are meant to be used, and when we hold on to them for too long and for the wrong reasons, we end up "killing" them.  

I don't mean like an axe murder.  But we kill the energy of the item.  Books were created to be read.  Golf clubs were made to be swung.  Clothes were made to be worn. 

Stay confident that if the desire to want (or need) the thing comes up in the future that you will have the means to buy it once more.  

Are you ready to let go?

Jennifer Burnham