The Too Full Home Office

When your interior designer friend invites you over to do an “assessment” of her home office, you gladly accept.

Cheryl (Luckett that is) and I had been discussing the “feeling” of her home office for a few weeks. She mentioned that she was avoiding working in there because _____.

“It just feels full. Crowded, you know?”

“I’m just not inspired when I work in there.”

I would add that her brain wasn’t clear in the space because there was simply too much and it was time for a good purge.

Dwell By Cheryl Home Office

As we stood in the middle of the room, I asked questions about the furniture in the space and what she wanted to see and experience on a daily basis.

We surveyed a nearby closet and some additional storage space in the guest room.

At that point, I think Cheryl was pretty satisfied with our progress. But my brain was reeling with ideas, and given that I am a visual learner, I said “So are you ready to get busy?”

Her eyes widen with a mixture of shock, nervousness, and possibly a glimmer of excitement.

Everything came out of “hiding” and as I sorted piles, she started purging.

Once I noticed her slowing down, then I jumped in and started asking all my favorite questions:

“Do you use this?”

“How do you use it?”

“How often do you need to access it?”

And so on. Two hours later, we had a load of bags slated for the donation center along with a short list of things for her to do. But more importantly we had some clear air to breathe and think and be in the room.

She made space for herself in her creative room, in her money maker, in her home office.

Are you tired of feeling suffocated by too much?

Jennifer Burnham