I hold the trash bags open

I once worked with a client and in the middle of her session, sitting indian style in the floor, surrounded by all the piles of stuff that we pulled out of the attic, she stopped in her tracks and looked up at me and said “this is the moment when I would get up and walk out. I would quit.

When we explored it further, I realized that she had tried to organize on her own for years. Pulling out the stuff and making the piles and sitting in the floor making decisions.

But there was the tipping point.

The point of too much.

The point of awakening from her focused state and realizing what she had done.

She made a huge mess, she'd only made a small dent in the progress, and she needed to start dinner in half an hour.

So she stuffed it all back, turned off the light, and once again felt defeated.

Her stuff and it’s ally, life, had beaten her once more.

You have a beautiful home and it deserves better and so do you. I know you are ready to be free of this stuff, emotionally and physically.

For 8 years, I’ve held the trash bags open while giving my clients permission to dive deep into the meaning of their mess.

By doing so, they dust themselves off and take control of their home and lives by process of elimination.

When things aren't adding up, they start subtracting. I've launched a six month program where I help women do just this.

Sounds like something you would be interested in? I’d love to meet you!

Jennifer Burnham