Jennifer Burnham

What Are You Saying Yes To?


Are you ready to evaluate your priorities?

The activity trap of doing too much starts to close in on us little by little. The feeling of being important quickly turns to feeling like the weight of the world sitting on our shoulders.

We overextend ourselves by doing good things, but for the wrong reasons.

  • We attend a concert of a band we don’t even like

  • We say yes to stuff when we really wanted to say no

  • We give and give to our family, our church, and our work

  • We say yes to another birthday party on Saturday afternoon, which means menu planning and cleaning out the garage gets bumped yet again

Instead of stopping, we go faster and faster. We try to multi-task more and use our time more efficiently. We invest in planners and listen to productivity podcasts.

I am calling a time out. Instead of spending our days responding to life’s details and feeling good about completing our list; we need to evaluate which list we are working on and why. The urgent is rarely important and the important is rarely urgent.

Are you ready to take back your yes and create space in your week for you?

Let’s pull the emergency brake on this crazy busy freight train!


About Jennifer

As a little girl, I used to color coordinate my crayons into separate coloring boxes. Saturday afternoons consisted of dumping the contents of my dad’s junk drawer in order to sort, purge, and organize.

To say that organizing has always been my favorite thing to do is an understatement.

But I realized throughout my career that organizing happens in stages and the foggiest stage is usually the decluttering process. When you begin to sort, declutter, purge, and move things around, the energy that was stuck in those items start to come alive along with feelings and emotions.

Enter an organizational coach.

I help women through these stages and coach them over the ways they are holding themselves back in what they want to experience in their home and their life.

Our home says a lot about us and I am here to listen.


Client Reviews

It is hard to process everything when we are in it together. But walking away and coming home is a surreal feeling. Every time I open my garage I am blown away.
— Kara H.
Jennifer literally lifted a 10 year weight of baggage off my mind and in our house!
She set me on a course of happiness in my home that I haven’t had in a very long time.
— Holly L.
Jennifer knows how to navigate the process of eliminating stuff while tending to the feelings that come up.
Additionally, she packs more action into an hour than anyone I have ever seen.
— Christine A.