Our Relationship With Our Stuff Effects Our Relationship With Others

Life is all about relationships.

One of the things we all yearn for is community. I am a natural introvert and love time to myself, but I also yearn for connection to others. Thus it can be said that community is made up of relationships. 

If you walk that out a little further, then you can conclude that life is all about relationships. 

Our relationship to others,
     to our home,
          to our stuff,
               to time,
                    to money,
                         to food,
                              to ourselves. 

Organizing is closely related to how we spend our time and how we spend our money. If we are overly attached to our things, then we will not be inclined to let go.

If we are overly attached to our money, then we will not want to spend it on ourselves in relation to something that looks so easy (like organizing).

If we are overly attached to time (i.e. getting things done and the new age mentality of hustling and grinding), then we will not utter the word "no" with ease and grace.

There is also our relationship with others, with food, and with ourselves that overlaps the previous.

How we treat others and how we allow them to treat us.
How we use (or abuse) food
How we treat ourselves, both physically and mentally.

So why is an organizer talking about self-worth and our connection to food?

Because it is all related.

How we operate in one area effects how we operate in other.

When you begin to clear space and understand the relationship in one area, then you can't help but shine a light on the other areas.

Allow me to explain.

I once worked with a wonderful lady organizing her home and clearing out the excess. During the organizing process, she decided to hire an interior decorator to level up the feeling of her home. It went from lake drab to lake fab in about six months. Also during that time, she began to lose weight. Her self worth started to rise and she noticed how great she felt inside her home. With a commitment to do the same inside her own body, she began to purge the junk. One year later she had lost 100 lbs.

One Hundred Pounds.

Allow that to sink in for a moment.

Her relationship with her stuff spilled over
into her relationship with her home which then spilled over
into her relationship with herself.

When deciding whether investing in yourself is "worth it", I want you to think of this story.

Do you think this client thought her investment in getting organized would lead to all this other massive improvement?

No. But was it worth it?

It was priceless.

Invest in you - you are the only investment that matters. The risk is low. The reward is high.

This I can promise you.

Jennifer Burnham