The Calendar Is The Connector

Your race, your pace.

A few weeks ago we noticed that Cody was nursing a sprain or arthritis in his front leg.  He didn't appear to be in any real pain, but putting pressure on his leg apparently was uncomfortable. 

Each day he would run to and fro hobbling around on three legs.  Aside from being a concerned fur mom and pumping him full of turmeric treats, I may have enjoyed watching him scoot about.  

But something puzzled me. One day he seemed to be fine walking around the yard, and another day he would run around holding up his tender leg.  As I scratched my head wondering if I should call the vet or not, something dawned on me.  

When Cody went at his own pace, he was comfortably walking around on all fours.  

When he rushed, he had to pick up that paw and hobble/jump around the yard.  
*lightbulb* What a coincidence, because we all do the same thing.  

When we rush according to the world's pace and pressure, we're unstable and hobbling around best we can.  When we slow down and move at our own pace, we stride with ease and grace. 

So where is the disconnect.  

One of the world's greatest tricks is getting us to say yes to too many things.  When we spread ourselves so thin, we become mediocre in everything. John Mason said it best, "There are too many people in too many cars, in too much of a hurry, going too many directions, to get nowhere for nothing."

Our calendars are the connectors.  If you show me a person's calendar, then I will point you in the direction of their priorities.  What we are saying yes to (and thus what is showing up on our calendars) is our priority.  

We mistake busy for an exciting life.

We think being busy means we are more valuable, more important, more alive, more connected, and more productive. 

Instead of slowing down and assessing where our train is going, we throw in more coal so we can do more, faster. 

We find ourselves asking the question of "how can I use my time more efficiently?", when instead we should investigate the direction of where we our train is heading. 

When we are distracted with busy, we miss the point of life.  

Are you ready to exit the cult of busyness, and take back your yes to realign with the priorities in your life?

Today, I'm announcing my brand new course:
 "Crazy Busy - How To Slow Down the Treadmill of Life & Take Back Your Time"

In this six-week course, I will teach you:

  • how to become intentional with your time

  • how to master the art of saying no

  • how to use your calendar as the connector of where you are to where you want to be

  • how to effectively set boundaries with family, friends, coworkers, and yourself

Jennifer Burnham