I Can't Seem To Find The Time

In our culture, we are encouraged to save and invest our money.  

"Save for a rainy day"
          "Invest for the future"

While these are worthy aspirations, it leaves me wondering.  What about our time? 

We are bombarded with calendar systems and time management hacks, but how often do we catch ourselves saying "Wow, I can't believe it's almost February. Where did the time go?"  

It is apparent that there is a missing link. 

The concept of investing our time seems foreign. Personally, I always felt that I had more than enough time, which allowed me to take some pressure off myself.  If I didn't get to something, then I would get around to it later. 

After some reflection, I realized I was a rockstar at crossing off the things that I liked to do and things that were easier to do such as sending emails. I was also really good at filling my calendar with activities.  

I was distracting myself with busy, and I was wearing it like a badge of honor. 

Our culture promotes days that are packed full as a way to feel more important and more valuable.  But it's not enough to be busy, the question we must ask ourselves is:

"What am I busy about?"

When we say yes to one thing we are inadvertently saying no to something else. 

Our time is not unlimited, much to our dismay. We must be intentional with how we spend it and how we invest it.  

When we say yes to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, we are saying no to our plan to organize the garage, or clean out the filing cabinet, or plan for next week's meals.  

Today I challenge you to investigate your "yes"es.  

Ask yourself, "why am I saying yes?"

Is it because you feel obligated to, or that you "should", or you are worried about hurting someone's feelings?

Now ask yourself, "what is this costing me?"

It is equally important that we choose what to do and what not to do because our time holds more value than our money. 

Our calendars should reflect our priorities.  
          Our future is based on today. 

Every time we let go of things and activities we don't really need, we create space for a new future. 

If you find yourself saying over and over, "I don't have the time to organize", then let's talk.  

I'm here to support you and your goals of a simplified and organized home.

Jennifer Burnham