A Balanced Equation

I loved math in school.  Especially when it was equation time.  

3x - 6 = 9

I would get to work feversishly multiplying and subtracting and dividing by until the answer appeared on the paper.  

x = 5

With a big square box drawn around it. 

A Balanced Equation.png

But how does balancing equations equate to our lives.

Our homes can become storage units when our own equation becomes unbalanced. 

Stuff coming in > Stuff going out

The physical place called home is a finite structure.  It is that big square box.  

If we keep adding to the box without subtracting, then the box will be jammed to overflowing.  

Like a clown car. 

Deep inside each of us, we yearn for a restful retreat from the world in the form of "home". 

So what is getting in our way?

FOMO:  The fear of missing out.  

On a good deal.  On a "freebie".  On some knowledge (magazines, books).  

TIME:  It takes time to decide what needs to exit the building.  

Are you buried under the busyness of life? Do you know how to slow down?

FEAR:  Or put another way "scarcity of it running out".  

It being the good stuff.  The knowledge.  The toys.  The fun.  We hold on because we want to be the owner of all it

COLLECTING:  It is a way more fun to buy and collect than it is to let go.  

The unbalanced equation will leave you feeling heavy.  

Weighed down.  

Buried beneath.  

You see the light at the end of the tunnel, but all the dust in the air is making it hard to breath.

When things aren't adding up. Start subtracting. You can start small and with something relatively easy (like towels).  

Start to clear the dust in the air.  Find your retreat.  

What are you ready for?

Jennifer Burnham