How To Snap Out Of It

Snap Out Of It.png

I recently read the popular book, Girl Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis. I laughed, I cried, I shook my head in agreement. I may have even said “preach it girl” out loud a few times.

After the book was over, I decided I needed to know more about this Rachel Hollis. So I went online to learn more.

“How adorable are they.” 

          “How inspirational she is!”

                      “Yes and amen.” 

I mean she was hitting on all the high notes and I wanted to know more.

Then I saw somewhere that she was 35.

And that was my pivot point. “Wait, we are the same age.”

So by 35 she is married, has 4 kids, wrote 4 books, published a cookbook, and built a million dollar media business. And is a NY Times Best Selling Author.

And she said it took her 10 years to get there.

Cue my heart sinking to the floor. So I start looking around.

“What have I even accomplished?” 

          “Do I even have it in me to go another 10 years?”

                    “Do I even know what my goals are?”


…or so I had to tell myself. This way of thinking was not helpful at all!

In fact it was way more harmful.

We oftentimes see a person’s shine but not their hustle. And other times we see the shine and the hustle behind it. Knowing how long it took them to get to this shiny moment, what they had to overcome, and what they had to learn along the way can feel daunting and scary.

This is what happened to me.

I was paralyzed by my fear of the hustle.

But I realized something, the time is going to pass and lessons will be learned anyway. 

So why not start today, right where I am, with the tools that I have to become the best version of myself.

Instead of deciding to not go for it, I promised myself that day in and day out I would work diligently towards my goals.

Some days I make huge strides and some days I make small strides. But that  something is better than nothing.

In 10 years, I want to look back and say “Good job Jennifer, I’m glad you didn’t quit on yourself when you knew it might not be easy.”

I’m worth it. And so are you.

Little by little, day by day, you have the power to transform your home and your relationship with it.

Tomorrow is another day to try again!

When you are flipping through a magazine or scrolling through Pinterest, do you find yourself coveting the color coordinated closet and the basket lined pantry?

Does it feel attainable?

Jennifer Burnham