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Created Order Conference


Are you ready to eliminate the clutter that is getting in the way of your god given purpose here on earth?

The Conference is for women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed and want to get their life organized so they can experience more joy and purpose.

Be prepared to walk away extremely motivated and prepared to make a major change. You will be fired up to see this journey through and know how to achieve it!

If you want to get excited about what your life could be, this is the conference for you because nothing is more exciting than living on purpose for God!

Let’s organize your life in a way that allows you to follow your passion and fulfill your dreams!

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Find Your Purpose
— Jennifer Ford Berry
Dominate Your Doubts
— Stephanie Peters



Session 3


Session 4

Declutter Your Life
— Jennifer Ford Berry
Choosing To Stand
— Holly Pasut
— Jessica Barone
Time Management
— Jennifer Burnham
Mind, Body, & Spirit Balance
— Cindy Williams
How To Partner With God
— Kristen Tucker

Jennifer Ford Berry, Keynote Speaker

The creator and founder of Created Order Conference is none other than the fabulous Jennifer Ford Berry.

Jennifer is an organizational expert, best selling author, host of The 29 Minute Mom Podcast, national speaker, and promoter of God’s plan.

We share a similar path of enlightenment when it comes to accepting (& embracing) organization as our life’s mission and purpose.

I for one am excited about her new book coming out this year, Purpose Over Possessions.

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Crazy Busy

We have the power to design our week, our month, and our year. However, we misuse two of the most powerful words in the human vocabulary:

  • Yes

  • No

The compound effect of handing out “yes”es when we really want to hand out “no”es creates a schedule that is jam packed with no white space to fill our own tank full of energy, love, and joy for our lives.

Our culture promotes days that are packed full as a way to feel more important and more valuable. But it’s not enough to be busy, the question we must ask ourselves is “what am I busy about?”

Our calendars should reflect our priorities. Our future is based on today.

Are you ready to communicate boundaries with ease and grace as you begin to take back your time and design that life that you’ve been dreaming of living?