Work With Me

I help women return to themselves by unearthing talents & gifts that have been lost in the murky, muddy waters of life. 

I hold the space (and the trash bags!) open while giving you permission to dive deep and get clear on what you want to see and experience in your home and your life.  

Your home says a lot about you.  I'm here to listen.

The natural inclination to get started is to buy pretty labels and coordinating bins, but if you are ready to go deeper then this is the right place for you. Together we will link your tangible to your intangible and help you follow what is in your heart.  This is all about you!


Jump Start My Organizing

Are ready to get started and the thought of waiting another minute sends you into a panic mode?

If so, then I am here to support you!

The goal is to infuse energy back into your organizing goals with a one month deep dive into one area of your home. It can be your garage, your kitchen, or your home office. (I’ll let you choose!) Be ready to let go of the excess and create space FAST!

This package includes:

  • (2) Half day Organizing Sessions (this is our chance to boss your stuff around!)

  • (1) Deep Dive Coaching Call

  • One month program

  • INSIDER TIP: Secure your spot now as I only offer one of these per month

Focused Determination to Clear This Mess

While the Jump Start package is great for one area of the home, you might be thinking “I need a little more help than that”.

If so, then I’ve got you covered!

The goal of the Focused Determination package is to focus on two areas of the home and really tick them off the list. We will sort the rooms, purge the excess, create a flow within those spaces all while infusing it with organizational structure.

This package includes:

  • (1) Half day Organizing Session per month

  • (2) Deep Dive Coaching Calls per month

  • Weekly email support

  • Three month program

  • INSIDER TIP: These packages are offered once a quarter so let’s schedule a call now!


Slow & Steady to Win The Race Against Clutter

My flagship package is designed to support you fully on this organizational journey. Oftentimes, as you begin to clear space in your home, you find time and money that was once squandered. You begin to look around at the people in your life and let go where necessary. You begin to eat better as you find your energy rising, and much to your surprise, you are ready to pursue your heart’s mission! You’ve knew there was more to life than a big house and lots of stuff, but you were never really sure how to get off one path in exchange for another.

I try not to play favorites between my packages, but this is my favorite. (Don’t tell the others!) If you are ready for freedom for the weight of your stuff and the weight of all the should’s and ought to’s, then please know this is the right place for you.

We will allow you the time necessary to work through the roadblocks while clearing away physical and mental obstacles that are keeping you stuck. We will co-create systems that work for you and your family so you can maintain this new lifestyle while moving on to bigger and better things. Afterall, organizing is a catch up project - afterwards it is much easier to keep up.

This package includes:

  • (2) half day Organizing Sessions per month

  • (1) Deep Dive Coaching Call per month

  • Daily email support

  • Nine month program

  • INSIDER TIP: There is a limited number of these packages available (i.e. just two). The program is closed until the following year once these have been filled. If you are OH SO READY for this change and this freedom, then let’s connect today!


Estate Sales

We extend our estate sale services on a case-by-case basis to clients who we feel are a perfect fit for us. 

Our goal is to make this a simple & painless step in your process of downsizing or closing an estate. 

There are three factors that should be considered for a successful estate sale:

1. Location of the home

2. Timing of the sale

3. Quantity & quality of items for sale

We provide an exceptional level of service unmatched by other liquidators! 


Time Management & Productivity Workshops

Do you feel that being disorganized is effecting your team and company's bottom line? 

While many may know what tasks they should be focused on weekly, most procrastinate on those that require growth and tasks that they find uncomfortable.

Add a layer of unaccountability and opportunities become easily missed. 

Here are a few workshop examples:

  • Leadership Training

    • Structured Team Meetings

    • Exclusive Master Mind Classes

    • Communication Center Classes

  • Productivity Planner

    • Manage your contacts and database

    • Marketing and communicating with your team and clients

    • Manage your time by setting boundaries and focusing on tasks that promote growth