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Keep the “Busyness” of Life from Taking Over with these Time Management Tricks & Tips

Charlotte, NC

June 2019


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The “Yes” Trap
June 2019


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Space to be creative
January 2019

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Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself
October 2018


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March 2013

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June 2014

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Come Home To A Space That Is Welcoming
April 2019

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February 2019

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November 2018

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August 2012


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January 2014

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Using Creativity to Organize Your Closet
June 2014


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February 2016

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December 2015

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January 2016

Rotary of Charlotte

How to Keep Papers From Taking Over
March 2016

Allen Tate Broker's Meeting

Why is an Estate Liquidation Helpful?
March 2016

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What story is your closet telling?

Your closet tells a story.  What is yours?

When you open the doors, do your clothes away with excitement begging to be selected for the day? Or do they give you the side eye and say "yea right, like you can squeeze into me today?

We will discuss ways to create a dream closet along with practical tips to keep it organized. 

What are you saying yes to?

When you say yes to one thing, you are inadvertently saying no to something else. 

We will search our hearts to find those things that light us up & energize us when we say YES!

We will discuss time management techniques to keep the business of life from taking over your week. 

Is your home a storage unit or a haven? 

Your home wants to serve you & function at it's highest level for your needs. 

When you come home, does it give you a big hug and say how happy it is to see you.

Or does it give you a swift kick in the pants and say "I'm glad you are here, because you have a lot of work to do around here!"

We will learn how our internal emotions and thoughts are reflecting themselves into our outer atmosphere so we can identify our trigger points to create our restful have.