Jennifer Burnham




In 2012, on a random day waiting for a yoga class to start, I found myself applying for a contest for 3M Command Strips while simultaneously googling “videographer Charlotte, NC”. You see, in order to enter the contest, you needed to submit a video of yourself using their products. They would select a winner and fly them out to California to record a commercial for their new line, 3M Command Clear.

I hired a videographer friend from college to record me in action. Here is what I submitted. In

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from 3M a few weeks later informing me that I was a finalist(!!). I went through a few rounds of interviews and waited ever so (im)patiently to see if I won.

The day came and the call came in! “Jennifer you are our runner-up candidate.”

My heart hit the floor. I had just started my business and I thought for sure this would be my break!

A few weeks later, I got over my feelings and went on about my business of working with clients. One day I got a call from 3M, but this time it was from the Post-It’s division.

They informed me of an upcoming project where they wanted to partner with a professional organizer to film six e-commercials. Their search efforts weren’t turning up much when my name got passed along from the Command Strips division.

A few video interviews later and I found myself on a plane heading to Los Angeles.

The experience was surreal and I could not have been more excited to partner with a company that I support!

We now collaborate with premium brands that are in harmony with our values. We are dedicated to inspiring strong women, recycling and saving the planet.